All students must pay tuition costs at the applicable rate, a program fee, the computer and technology fee. Students using University of Nizwa arranged housing must pay the housing charges. All students must pay other program fees.  In addition, some courses carry fees for either excursions or materials.



All payments made by students will be credited to the student's account, and will appear on the student's bill as a credit.


Tuition, Housing and other Fees: Tuition and all other fees are payable when billed according to University's  standard billing practice.


At the time of payment, students should notify the University of Nizwa if any part of their fees will be paid by another institution or agency in the form of a grant, scholarship, loan, or other type of financial aid. Anticipated restrictions on the applicability of these funds should also be noted (e.g., funds which may be used toward tuition only). Students must supply the name and address of each financial source, the amount available and the date the money will be available. In the event that anticipated funds are not remitted, students will be responsible for the full financial commitment outlined above.



Tuition rates and costs are subject to change. Finance department typically announces tuition rates for the upcoming academic year during the month of July preceding the start of the Fall semester in August and this page will be updated according to that schedule. See the Programme Catalogue to know your tuition rate.


All students must pay tuition costs at the applicable rate, a program fee and the university fee. Students using University of Nizwa arranged housing must pay the housing charges. All students must pay other program fees, including for example, fees for excursions or materials.



In order to determine a student's eligibility for refunds of any fees, University of Nizwa must first receive written notice of withdrawal from the student either by a signed letter or email. University of Nizwa cannot accept notice of withdrawal by any other means, including phone calls or letters from parents. The only exception to this would be if a student were incapacitated. In this case the student's parents or guardians should contact the University of Nizwa.



Housing and Program Fees: Please note that University of Nizwa makes a commitment on behalf of students immediately after the due date of students' online Administration Form. If a student withdraws before the start of the program, University of Nizwa will attempt to obtain a refund of the housing and program costs, but students need to know that a refund may not be possible and students may be liable for the full costs of the program and housing and will be billed accordingly. By the time students arrive in Nizwa, University of Nizwa has made irrevocable commitments on their behalf. Students leaving before the end of the semester will receive no refund.


The following Refund Policy is strictly adhered to: 

If a student withdraws on the first day and thereafter of the program start date, no refund will be issued.


Tuition and University Fee: Students will be charged 100% of their semester bill unless a

withdrawal form is processed by a registration office of the university by the Drop/Add deadline date. The Drop/Add deadline date is published in the Class Schedule each semester and is at the end of the second week of the semester. Students who process their withdrawal form by the deadline date will be issued a 100% refund of tuition and the university fee.


University of Nizwa reserves the right to amend prices to reflect changes in economic conditions.