|   May 10, 2021


The Office of the Vice chancellor for Graduate Studies, Research, and External Relations (VCGSRER) is concerned with the development and implementation of operating procedures for graduate studies, Research and External Relations. The office is convened by the Deans of Graduate Studies, Research and External Relations to facilitate discussions among the various faculties and the Vice Chancellor for GSR.

Graduate Studies strives to ensure the development of quality and credential programs and creation and implementation of the policies and procedures by which the university is governed. It acts as an advisory resource to programs transforming their academic programs or initiating degree or certificate programs at the post-baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral level.

The Office is a part of the Research and provides centralized services for the administration of research degrees. We are responsible for the overall administration of Research Masters Candidature and scholarships including

  1. Research Training Sub-Committee.
  2. Submission and examination Thesis.
  3. Rules and Regulations for Research Degrees.
  4. Seminar Series for Master candidates.

Research is vital to the University and demonstrates the broad spectrum of our involvement. It can be pure research or applied research, long term in scope or short term. University resources are enhanced in this effort by collaboration with the public and colleagues around the world enable our researchers to examine problems in diverse, physical, social, and cultural settings and provide opportunities for scholarly activity at several international facilities.

The office of the External Relations connects the University of Nizwa with the public at national and international level through strategic communication and interaction. External Relations is prepared to assist and collaborate with administrative offices at UoN to provide the public with an array of resources.

The Vice chancellor for Graduate Studies, Research, and External Relations (VCGSRER) Office develops and implements regulations and policies that will deliver consistent improvements in the University’s graduate studies, research and external relations in both quality and intensity levels, and in the effectiveness and impact of its knowledge transfer and consultancy activities.