|   May 26, 2020

Message from Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Welcome to the Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) at the College of Economics, Management, and Information Systems (CEMIS).

At CGSR we work with faculty, students and staff to promote excellence in graduate education, and enhance the quality of experience in our graduate programs in all fields of research in the college. CGSR supports excellence in graduate education and holds as its core mission the responsibility for supporting graduate students through their entire academic journeys.

To our graduate students, please take in the whole experience -- work hard in your courses and on your own research but take opportunities to attend research presentations in other disciplines, participate in college activities, get to know the people around you.


Excellence in all fields of scientific research in accounting, economics, management and information systems and leadership in graduate studies in the fields, which are aligned with the national development.


  • Improving scientific researches of faculty and students to meet the needs of the national development.
  • Encouraging scientific research that contributes and fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Enhancing and promoting programs of graduate studies and ensuring the quality of their outcomes.
  • Gaining benefits from the allocations of scientific research funds.
  • Cooperating with industry in developing graduate study programs in related academic fields.

Professor Norizan Mohd Kassim, PhD

Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies and Research