|   July 20, 2024

The University has created the Natural and Medical Sciences Research Center (NMSRC) as one the means to deliver its research strategys objectives. This successful project is a consortium of distinguished scholars with multidisciplinary scientific backgrounds including marine chemistry and biology, medicinal phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, organic synthesis, catalysis, polymer chemistry, computational chemistry, fragrance chemistry, spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, microbiology, plant physiology, structural and molecular biology, biotechnology, tissue culture, genomics, proteomics, enzymology, cancer biology, stem cells, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. NMSRC possess state-of-the-art laboratories in the aforementioned areas.

NMSRC is pioneered and sustained by skillful young Omani scientists who obtained the required qualification to become future leaders in the above areas. Funding is sustained through different internal and external programs. Moreover, NMSRC has liaised with local government organizations and industries whereby new innovative projects have been funded jointly. NMSRC has also capitalized effectively on its international collaboration network that is evidenced by more than fifty active international collaborations worldwide. The research outcomes are evidenced more than 600 publications in reputable journals including patents, original papers, reviews, book chapters, books and conference proceedings.

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Natural and Medical Sciences Research Center offers a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary research in Biology, Chemistry and Biomedical sciences of Oman plants, animal and microorganisms natural resources with a view to discovering new drugs and developing novel therapeutic agents for health improvement and disease management.

Green (Leaf)- Biology and Biotechnology: Rich and diverse species of plants and other natural resources in Oman.

Blue (Capsule)- Organic and synthesis chemistry: Drug discovery and development of novel natural products.

Maroon (DNA)- Biomedical sciences: A unique genetic code (information) of any living organism.

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The research being conducted under this Center should help explaining the interactions between plants and humans and is leading to advancements in the prevention and treatment of common diseases in Oman and the region including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Our very promising results in this field have been disseminated to international community through publications and to the local community via media. The research areas associated with the Center demonstrate the multidisciplinary nature of research thereby providing an excellent research environment for training of Omani graduates in the field of chemistry, biology, pharmacy and medicine.

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