|   February 03, 2023

The University of Nizwa has established an Office of  External Relations (ER) to be responsible for the networking and community outreach functions of the University. ER is often the first point of contact for international universities or other institutions that wish to collaborate with the University of Nizwa (UoN). In this capacity the Office often hosts external staff and faculty when they visit UoN, providing campus tours and connecting them with relevant members of the University. The Office also negotiates and implements the documents which establish official relationships between UoN and other institutions, Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs).

ER serves as an access point for those in the University community who wish to study overseas, works to assist international students who intend to study at the UoN, and develops innovative ways to recruit high quality international faculty. In broadening the interaction between the UoN and other national and international academic institutions and research bodies, ER seeks to expand the capabilities of the University and to provide students, faculty, and staff with the greatest number of opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth.

ER has designed several programs to accomplish its goals, including; the International Horizons Program, the Guest Teaching and Research Program, The International Summer Classes, the University Student Ambassadors Group and the VIP Guest Lectures. These programs will assist the University in pursuing the concept of the “productive university”, and also help the University to project itself as a focus for interaction in the surrounding local environment and larger worldwide academic community.