|   March 30, 2023

The foundation upon which any successful society rises are the morals of its members with everything they imply. This includes the appreciation of hard work, consideration for the value of time, a tendency to work toward perfection, teamwork, respecting the opinions of others, and other values, the list of civilized morals goes on. In order to support these morals and to uplift the behaviors and ethics associated with them, Rules and Regulations have to be formulated. Standardized Rules and Regulations reinforce the morals of a society and assist members in understanding what is expected of them. 

This page is the window to the Rules and Regulations that govern behavior at the University of Nizwa. In addition to this, they enlighten students by relating the rules and procedures of admission and registration, absence and presence, and the regulation of student activity. It is imperative that students are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities so that they can respect the systems run at the university and be an example for others to follow.