|   August 12, 2020


Facilitating the realization of the University vision of connecting to the world through establishing links for the students, staff, faculty and program with our partner institutions around the world.


The University must project itself as a focus for interaction with the surrounding environment rather than a self-contained institution. Therefore the University has established an office of External Relations (ER) which is responsible for public outreach, both national and international.

The Office of External Relations, together with the Center for the Society Services and the Center for Career Counseling and Alumni, function actively in partnership together with different offices across the UoN to extend their services externally. ER receives expert opinion and feedback from various industries and educational establishments through the University Advisory Council and supervises the execution of plans and policy.


  1. To fulfill its responsibility as a member of the global educational community by achieving a worldwide reputation for the quality of its programs and graduates.
  2. To fulfill its civic responsibility to the Sultanate by integrating into the life of Omani society and by assisting in the development of the scientific, social and economic aspects of the community.
  3. To provide students with a greater number of opportunities for personal, professional and academic growth by establishing closes links with national and international universities and other institutions.
  4. To actively pursue cooperative relationships between the UoN and other academic institutions and research bodies, in order to broaden the interaction between UoN faculty and students and their peers at other institutions.