|   December 09, 2022

A warm and sincere welcome to the UoN Academic Affairs sphere.

Academic functions endeavor to undertake the responsibility of enabling the University to aspire to be a prominent higher education institution of excellence.  Within its vision, the University will attain a worldwide reputation for the quality of its programs and graduates and distinction for innovation, development and networking with the international scientific institutions. The University has developed dynamic and integrated programs to achieve quality academic training and intellectual development.

The thrust of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs is to ensure that students are equipped with knowledge, skills and values crucial to enrich their lives and qualify them to meaningfully contribute to the progress of the society. To fulfill this objective, the VCAA Office has developed a full-fledged system of policies, guidelines, and manuals to efficiently carry out the academic functions of the University to achieve a homogenous and vigilant culture of education.  In addition, the University has developed and improved the Quality Teaching and Learning Management System (QTLMS) to consolidate the teaching and learning process. The QTLMS is the document that defines the pedagogical framework of the University of Nizwa.  The student-centered approach of Academic Affairs provides an insightful sense of direction to achieve the University vision and mission that will actualize a positive impact on the University stakeholders as well as the Omani society.

The functioning of Academic Affairs has been driven by a system of collective involvement of the Executive Board for Academic Affairs (EBAA) which comprises the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs as the Chairman, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Academic Support Services, College Deans, University Registrar and Foundation Institute Director as members along with the expert team at the VCAA Office.  In addition, the Office has been utilizing the expertise of its staff and standing committees involving representatives from the different colleges under the direct supervision of the VCAA.

The VCAA Office has also been playing a major role in the development of the University Strategic Plan (SP) and Operational Plan (OP) especially in the teaching and learning sphere which constitutes a major component of the mission of the University.  The new University Operational Plan is aimed at ensuring systematic and effective academic processes, curriculum development and periodic review. Hence, the different academic units of the University have maintained a practice driven by a comprehensive mechanism to ensure that continuous improvement is carried out. 


Prof. Abdulaziz Yahya AlKindi
Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs
University of Nizwa