|   June 22, 2024

Department Profile

Develop highly skilled and  technically qualified graduates who are fully equipped with necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities that will prepare them to the different jobs related to Economics, Finance and administration in a business environment.

Achievements and Awards

To be locally and internationally recognized as a leading provider of quality education and research that will promote intellectual development.

HoD'S Message

The Department of Economics and Finance was established in 2004 during the inception of the University of Nizwa. It serves with the objective of providing quality education in the field of Economics, Finance, and International Trade duly catering to the dynamic needs of the corporate world. Students will have the opportunity to develop the required cognitive/intellectual skills and key transferable skills, and apply these to complex economic, financial and trade issues that face the public and private sectors as well as the overall economy.



To be known locally and internationally for its innovative programs, high quality teaching and learning, successful and employable graduates, research and professional services in Economics and Finance.



The mission of the Department is to qualify Economists and Financial Analysts who are fully equipped with a personalized academic, technical, leadership, interpersonal and research skills to be able to contribute to the country’s economic growth and sustainability development efforts.


The Department of Economics aims to:

  1. Provide students with necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities in order to produce competent, independent and technically knowledgeable graduates.
  2. Develop highly-qualified professionals with expertise in Economics and Finance who are globally competitive and are ready to face the challenges of the job market.
  3. Engage in research activities of local and international standards that will meet the need to sustain development and growth of the community and country.
  4. Produce graduates who will take lead roles in a diversified community as Economists and Financial Analysts with a clear and profound sense of professionalism, transparency, accountability and ethical conduct.
  5. Establish a system of quality assurance through continual improvement activities and effective implementation of all department activities.