|   October 03, 2023




UNESCO Chair on Aflaj studies


This UNESCO Chair on Aflaj studies is the first of its kind in the world. The purpose of this Chair is to promote an integrated approach of research, education and training in the field of falaj systems and related studies. The research component of the project will focus on qanat and aflaj systems. The teaching component will develop a degree program on Archaeohydrology, depending on the demand for this program, the Chair will start with a diploma then go to higher degrees as needed. The Chair will also create a distance education platform that will offer training in aflaj studies in collaboration with a network of international partners. The Chair will enhance and continue the existing training and research activities already carried out at the aflaj research unit at the University of Nizwa.






To be an international leading research and academic center dedicated to advancing and applying high standards of research practices in aflaj systems.




The UNESCO Chair on Aflaj Studies is committed to promoting research pertaining to aflaj and provide support to scholars and the public for research, service, and educational activities. The Chair shall study the aflaj contribution to traditional knowledge, culture and heritage, and ecology. Further, it shall explore and propose mechanisms to sustain and enhance the aflaj systems and harvest their value.