|   January 19, 2021

 "Brand Yourself"

Are you different from your peers? Ever feel like a small fish in a very big ocean? Think of yourself as a brand and deliver value to those looking for that type of brand and be ready for the job market.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room" - Jeff Bezo, Founder of Amazon

Nowadays, the job market in Oman is so competitive and landing your dream job has become a tough task. You need to make a conscious effort to be seen how you want people and employers to see you. You need to show that you have a clearly defined professional identity and be confident that you will like what people say about you. 

If you are a student at University of Nizwa and you want to directly hear and know more about this interesting subject, Center For Career Counseling & Alumni invites to attend one of the important and valuable workshop named as "Brand Yourself" presented by Mr. Said Al Busaidi, Public Relation & Communication Manager, Saraya Bandr Al Jassah