|   June 22, 2024

The CCCA is not only concerned with current students regarding their awareness about the skills required by the labor market, by being a Center interacts with the labor market requirements, but it also extend bridges of communication with University graduates and regards them as an important contribution to the overall development and quality assurance, that are University of Nizwa seeks. The partnership is created by the University with alumni through:

  • Instill the concept of loyalty to the community among students by maintaining and contributing to the achievements of the country.
  • Contributing in the process of searching for job opportunities for graduates in the various institutions and companies.
  • Utilizing Almuni experiences after joining their careers in helping and guiding University students.
  • Introduce students to business rules, laws and regulations of the country.
  • Pursue graduate professional status after graduation.
  • Creating and maintaining close and fruitful relations with graduates.
  • Configure a close and strong relationship with the private and governmental institutions.
  • Coordination with the university colleges to organize communication with various institutions.

Your initiative to update your data as a graduate student at University of Nizwa contributes directly to enhancing communication frameworks and interacts with your University effectively and productively.