|   January 19, 2021

Imagine... So you have graduated, what is the next step for you?!!!


Graduating from the university is a prime milestone. Congratulations on the accomplishments and achievements you have done till the moment. So, what is next for you after graduation? What does your future hold? Some students consider graduation from college or university as a main goal, when in fact it is simply a stepping stone to other future life accomplishments and achievements. Portion of the adventure is really figuring out who you are and what you value. In this regard, the question here, after graduation, do I have to work for someone or do I have to work for my own business? 


You get confused... Don’t worry!


So to answer the above question and for maximizing your knowledge and skills for better career path, join us and take advantageon Wednesday (April 19th,2016), a valuable workshop will be provided by Mr. Omar Al Bahri.


Location: Al Mashariq  Hall – Services

Time: 4:00pm to 5:30pm


For registration, visit our office (Building 10-1) or you can send us an email including your full name, ID, major, and your mobile number.


For more information call us 25446376-624