|   January 20, 2022


The innovative research is part of University of Nizwa vision. The college of engineering is addressing this vision in its strategic plan that can achieve international standards through sustainable, internationally recognized research and addressing local needs. Through research thrusts which are: increasing productivity, sustainability, diversity and quality of research outcomes. 


The college will create an outstanding climate of support for Researchers at University of Nizwa.


Create a culture of high achievement through promoting equal opportunities, share available resources, and create integrated services to college researchers and transparent administration. In addition, support strong infrastructure and interdisciplinary research and develop strong relationship with university research groups and centers. 

The mission is to strengthen research capability and performance through the following:
Consolidating research priority areas
Attract and retain quality researchers
Build on research facilities and infrastructure
Build strategic research collaborations
Augment research funding
Adapt university research to Omani environment.