|   July 15, 2024

Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up


The Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up is considered to be a pivotal axis in the educational process. It aims at helping students to overcome the learning difficulties that prevent them from achieving their educational goals successfully; it also provides every kind of help that can lead them to excellence and perfection till they are able to graduate successfully. This is done through guiding the students and advising them to get the achieve results and adapt to the University environment. The Centre also urges the students to take advantage of the academic opportunities that it provides in order to raise their educational achievement level.

Vision of the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up :

Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up aims at being a leading centre of excellence that combines both theory and practice in the field of academic counselling.

Mission of the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up

The Centre envisions spreading awareness about guidance among students in order to help them understand the academic system so as to enable them to raise their academic level. This is done through an effective link between the student, the academic advisor and the Centre in a real academic environment. The aim is to develop the students’ personal skills and competencies, and it encourages them towards academic excellence and innovation to be able to graduate within the specified period after having acquired the academic experience and practical skills that would groom them for successful job opportunities.

Detailed objectives of the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up

1) Following-up students academically and providing them with suggestions and advice in order to improve their educational accomplishments and overcome their academic problems.

2) Focusing on the causes of academic tardiness and devising solutions to overcome it.

3) Raising awareness about the University systems and regulations with respect to the academic aspect of each student.

4) Strengthening the relationship between the student, the academic advisor and the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up.

5) Taking care of the distinguished students and supporting them morally to enable them to achieve the best results and maintain their academic achievement.

Anticipated responsibilities of the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up:

1) Raising awareness among students about the importance of the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up and showing them how to take advantage of the services of this centre through meetings, newsletters and the website of the University.

2) Organizing guidance and orientation programs for students with academic difficulties and ironing out the obstacles for them to achieve satisfactory results.

3) Organising workshops for academic advisors in their colleges in coordination with the College Academic Advising Officers with the aim of unifying the advising work and raise awareness about the importance of counselling and academic cooperation to find appropriate solutions.

4) Classifying of students and distributing them in statistical categories to illustrate the academic difficulty and the number of semesters wherein they were put on probation.

5) Working on the strict implementation of the academic regulations regarding voluntary or the compulsory withdrawal of students from the University due to being on probation for more than three semesters.

6) Exchanging experiences in the field of Academic Advising with other universities and educational institutions through organization of periodic field visits and meetings.

7) Cooperating with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Trusteeship of Student Affairs represented by the Centre for Counselling and Guidance for consultation and exchange of information with the purpose of developing remedial plans for the students on-probation due to poor performance, especially those who could not improve academic performance.

Benefits anticipated from setting up and implementing a strategy for the Centre for Academic Guidance and Follow-up:

  • To become a leading centre in the Sultanate in the field of academic guidance.
  • To find a comprehensive solution for the problem of probation of students and helping all of them to get out of the probation.
  • To support the distinguished and talented students to further elevate their levels.
  • To build a good relationship with parents of the students and their families through incessant communication.