|   July 15, 2024

CAS Research Strategic Plan


The College aspires to become a research hub in the GCC region, internationally known for its published research output and for attracting acclaimed scholars and significant local and international funding.


The college intends to become research driven, where participation in the discovery of knowledge inspires classroom teaching. Emphasis will be on applied research and development.


A) Develop CAS Research Functions and Capacity

A-1   Initiate Master’s and PhD programs in all departments of the college.

A-2   Provide access to research facilities including laboratories, equipment and literature.

A-3   Build links and partnerships with research-active arts and science departments and their faculty both regionally and globally

A-4   Ensure that new faculty have strong research backgrounds especially in areas of value to Oman.

B)   Research Excellence and Innovation

B-1   Developexcellence in selected research areas in the sciences and humanities.

B-2   Establish post-doctoral fellowship programs.

B-3   Create an environment that attracts distinguished scholars and is conducive to innovative research.

C)  Socio-Economic Impact

C-1   Liaise with the Oman government and private companies to facilitate joint research activities.

C-2   Promote science as a vital source of innovation in industry and technological development.

C-3   Establish online UoN journals to enable publication of material that is especially of local interest and relevant to Oman’s needs.

Strategic Research Clusters


  1. Modelling and its applications in various fields


  1. Energy
  2. Medical Physics
  3. Laser Physics

Statistical Science

  1. Biostatistics
  2. Statistical consultancies for education, insurance, and actuarial sciences sectors

Computer Science

  1. Component-Based software engineering
  2. Quality of service (QoS) in multicasting in wired, wireless and AD HOC networks

Biological Sciences

  1.  Molecular and Cell Biology:
    • Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of cellular sensors and receptors
    • Viruses and Immune Responses
  2. Biodiversity of Oman:
    • Identification, conservation and sustainable development of the biogenetic resources of Oman (emphasizing plant, animal, and fungal species of medicinal and economic values)


  1. Advanced material chemistry and solid state chemistry
  2. Bio-inorganic and medicinal chemistry
  3. Synthetic and natural products chemistry

Foreign Languages

  1. Translation for specific purposes
  2. Applied linguistics
  3. Applications of literature for English Language teaching purposes


  1. Kindergarten and school education
  2. Special Education:
    • Establishing a special center for diagnosis of disabilities
    • Conducting research projects in the following areas
      • Diagnosis and measurements in special education
      • Working with families of disabled individuals
      • The role of technology in education and rehabilitating the disabled
      • Regulating intelligence in the Omani society
  3. Psychological guidance:

There is a need for a guidance program that develops the psychological, social and educational variables by regulating them as positive or negative.