|   March 30, 2023


 TWC & LEC Director's Message


On behalf of the Writing Center, I am pleased to welcome the students at the University of Nizwa to our academic support facility. Our primary purpose is to assist students with the improvement of their writing proficiency, so that learners will be able to excel in their academic studies on their own merit. I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the numerous English, Arabic, French & German programs and services that we offer to assist you with the development of your language skills. I trust that the Writing Center will be able to provide you with the knowledge and wisdom you seek as you strive towards academic excellence!  


TWC Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values



The Writing Center will be recognized as an educational facility that provides quality instruction and support across all disciplines to further develop students English writing abilities.



The Writing Center will cater primarily to academic students currently enrolled in their degree programs that need help to improve their English writing proficiency.

The Writing Center is a learning support service designed to promote a dynamic writing culture for students. The center will aim to improve student English writing composition skills, reinforce quality study habits, support critical thinking, and encourage creativity and innovation.  The Writing Center’s programs, services, and extracurricular activities will reflect the Islamic and cultural values embraced by the Sultanate of Oman in order to assist in the development of quality graduates.



The Writing Center aims:

  1. To assist in the development of student writing proficiency, so that learners can articulate their ideas and opinions in a concise and coherent manner.


  1. To establish and maintain innovative writing programs and services that meet the needs of academic students across various interdisciplinary curriculums.


  1. To promote academic excellence through comprehensive development of writing skills.


  1. To develop student interest and participation in the Writing Center by providing valued tutoring, guidance, innovative workshops, diversified services and extracurricular activities in support of independent learning.


  1. To enhance the development of peer tutors in providing quality writing support services to best aid academic students.


  1. To build professional affiliations with international and regional Writing Centers that will aid staff professional development and promote high academic standards.


  1. Promotion of Writing: To encourage all types of writing in English as a valuable tool of personal expression and academic articulation.


  1. Academic Excellence: To promote a writing culture conducive to the academic success and needs of students.


  1. Learning and Innovation: To cultivate an educational learning environment that supports creativity and innovation through the collective exchange of ideas and opinions that is beneficial to the writing process.


  1. Respect and Understanding: To uphold the cultural and religious values of Islam and of the Sultanate of Oman.


  1. Teamwork and Collaboration: To provide services and programs based on various pedagogies and methodologies associated with writing centers that engage learners through student centered activities and pair/group collaboration.