|   January 20, 2022


LEC Vision, Mission,Objectives & Values



LEC Vision:

The Learning Enhancement Center will be recognized as an educational support facility that provides quality peer tutorial instruction across academic fields interrelated to the broader subject areas of applied mathematics, natural sciences, business, and engineering to further develop students’ aptitude and ability.

LEC Mission:

The Learning Enhancement Center is an academic support provider that promotes engaging learning opportunities in the scientific and business-related realms of academia. The center will strive to improve students’ knowledge and conceptual understanding of practical scientific, technological, and industrial problem-solving skills related to numbers, equations, formulas, theories, information technology, and economics. The Learning Enhancement Center will support an effective peer tutorial program that fosters critical thinking, innovation, and continuous intellectual development of learners majoring in science-related fields of academic study.

LEC Objectives:

The Learning Enhancement Center aims to:

  1. Assist in the development of students’ mathematical, scientific, technological, business, and industrial adeptness, so that learners can succeed in professionalized scientific fields.
  2. Establish and maintain innovative mathematics, natural sciences, information technology, business, and engineering peer tutorial services that meet the needs of academic students.
  3. Promote academic excellence in the field of mathematics and sciences through effective study skill practices and review of academic course materials through peer mentoring strategies. UoN/LEC/Strategic Plan/2017-2021/13/10/2017 
  4. Provide appropriate remedial learning support opportunities in the field of mathematics and sciences for the prevention of students placed at risk of academic probation.
  5. Develop students’ interests and active participation in the field of mathematics and sciences through engaging and interactive learning activities.

LEC Values:

The Learning Enhancement Center aims to establish:

  1. Promote Learning: To encourage diverse types of learning in the core subject areas related to mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, business, and computer science.
  2. Academic Excellence: To promote an academic support culture conducive to the and student’s learning needs.
  3. Learning and Innovation: To cultivate an educational learning environment that supports creativity and innovation through the collective exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  4. Student Engagement: To provide programs and services based on student-centered learning initiatives that engage learners through a combination of learning activities, independent discovery, and pair/group collaboration.