|   June 21, 2024

Pharmacy Professional Examination

The Pharmacy Professional Examination (PPE) of the University of Nizwa is a written and practical examination to test basic level competency, which considers the objectives of the curriculum of the diploma and baccalaureate degree programs. The examination identifies those students who demonstrate minimum competence to practice pharmacy at the entry level. Passing the pharmacy professional examination is a requirement for graduation.

The current success rate in the first three attempts for the school of pharmacy students is 84% pass rate in the Prometric Exam. The success of the students is because of the conduction of PPE with high standards in the school.

The professional examination has three components, namely Multiple Choice Questions, Objective Structured Clinical Examination, and Oral Examination. The conduction of the  PPE is  every semester. Four (4) weeks before the final  schedule of the PPE, review classes are conducted to prepare candidates for the examination. The review class and the PPE help the students in their Prometric examination conducted by the Ministry of Heath, Oman.


The school of pharmacy invites external examiners with academic/practice background from outside to examine the students. The school for pharmacy has to date examined twenty two (22) cohorts of its students.