|   January 20, 2022

LEC Time Table 


The Learning Enhancement Center Academic Time Table 


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Rules for Students Visiting Academic Support Center 


1. The Writing Center’s English Lab and the Learning Enhancement Center are considered as English speaking environments for all faculty, administrators, and students. The Arabic Lab of TWC is uniquely considered an Arabic speaking environment that promotes effective use of Modern Standard Arabic across all norms of communication.  Students at the UoN are encouraged to communicate effectively in the designated language assigned to each distinct academic support facility.

2. Academic support facilities do not proofread assignments for students. TWC & LEC effectively promote active engagement of the learning and writing process through effective peer mentoring strategies.

3. Students are expected to demonstrate respect and proper moral conduct aligned with UoN values towards all classmates, peer tutors, instructors, and administrators associated with TWC & LEC.

4. All academic support centers require students to make registered online appointments. Academic support services will not be extended to any student without a confirmed electronic appointment reserved through the following URL: http://cis/twc or link on the UoN website at www.unizwa.edu.om.

5. Appointments need to be scheduled well in advance. Students seeking assistance with assignments and Final Year Projects (FYPs) are encouraged to seek academic support continuously throughout the writing process of their assignments or projects.

6. All appointments are based on a first come, first serve basis. However, academic support facilities reserve the right to offer priority to learners that are at risk of academic probation based on the UoN guidelines governing academic advising and probationary polices. 

7. If a student cannot keep an appointment for whatever reason, they must cancel their scheduled appointment online in advance. Timely cancelation of appointments enables other students to make use of vacant time slots. Failing to cancel an appointment is considered as a recorded absence.

8. Students that record two (2) consecutive absences in a period of one (1) month will be temporarily prohibited from reserving future appointments for the remainder of the calendar month. In the event a student has been automatically blocked due to excessive absences from the computerized appointment system, the student is required to meet with the Director of TWC & LEC to officially have their online appointment privileges restored.

9. All students are welcome to utilize the programs and services provided by academic support facilities during their free time. Students are not permitted to attend academic support programs during their regularly scheduled academic classes.

10. Academic support facilities are considered as active classroom learning environments. TWC and LEC are not social meeting venues designed to congregate with friends. Loitering of any kind is not permitted, and the centers are not to be used as an independent study hall for non-academic support-related purposes.

11. Students are not permitted to leave their personal belongings in academic support centers unattended. TWC and LEC staff are not responsible for students’ personal property.

12. The use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in TWC and LEC. Please turn off all mobile devices when visiting the centers.

13. TWC and LEC material resources are not permitted to leave the centers under any circumstances.

14. Students are encouraged to provide suggestions for improvement of academic support centers, and submit recommendations through the participation of annual surveys, provide feedback through allocated suggestion boxes, or meet with the Director of TWC/LEC to discuss suggestions or complaints.

15. Persistent failure to comply with the above regulations may result in the temporary or permanent banning of a student from the Writing Center or the Learning Enhancement Center.