|   June 30, 2022

  Welcome to the portal of the Deanship of Graduate Studies at The University of Nizwa in the Sultanate of Oman.

  The Deanship of Graduate Studies is one of the three components of the Office of Graduate Studies, Research and External      Relations. It represents a fundamental pillar in the educational process according to the vision of the University of Nizwa to      be a beacon (minaret) of knowledge and enlightenment in national and international levels.

  The Deanship of Graduate Studies administers graduate programs at the university and provides support to its students           through the supervision of procedures, regulations and policies starting from the admission and registration up to granting     them their award degrees.

The Deanship of Graduate Studies oversees 25 Master Degree Programs in different disciplines of Arabic, English, Education, Computer Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Economics, Business Management and Information Systems.

The Deanship of Graduate Studies in association with other deanships and colleges is responsible for coordinating efforts to run and improve postgraduate programs in order to ensure the improvement of the academic level of the programs and their outputs.In addition, the Deanship of Graduate Studies is seeking to offer doctoral programs in Chemistry, Arabic language and Psychological Counseling in the near future. It also seeks to introduce many programs in new disciplines to meet the needs of local and regional communities of qualified people to serve future development plans.

Dr. Mostafa Abdulaziz Mansi

Dean of Graduated Studies