|   October 02, 2022

Quotes from the General Registrar


Following the footsteps of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said (May God Rest his Soul) in light of the guidance outlined in the royal directives and in support of the University's vision of disseminating positive thought and consolidating the nation's identity, values, and cultural and Islamic heritage founded on the basis of firm faith in Allah the Almighty and allegiance to the nation and to His Majesty the Sultan, the Deanship of Registration and Records is considered to be the first stepping stone in the academic life of a student at the University as well as the final station on the road to graduation where he is conferred with the degree of completion. Between these two stages, the Deanship maintains the students’ data, official records, and registration documents. While it documents the academic progress, prepares the grades, and issues the relevant certificates, the Deanship closely monitors the students and constantly communicates with them as well as with their nominating organizations. we hope on this site you find an answer to all your inquiries and we are welcoming any other questions regarding any academic issues. 

Dr.Badria Al Ruqishi

The Registrar Deanship of Registration & Records