|   October 02, 2022

Core values and principles of the Deanship of Registration and Records


      Quality and Excellence

 The Deanship is committed in providing quality and professional services to stakeholders within and outside the university, where the information and smooth electronic transactions provided is accurate and reliable.

Leadership and Teamwork


R&R considers itself as the hub of the wheel, where the academic support services are the core functions for the flow of teaching at the university.


Encourages Inquiry 

The deanship has ensured that students’ receive respectful and impartial assistance from staff. It helps students in solving the Academic Queries and problems which is fundamental to its Academic conduct.


Professionalism and Integrity

The deanship abides to preserve the integrity and privacy of all information related to students’ Academic Records. It commits itself to high standards of honesty, respect, and professional ethics


Accountability and Transparency

The deanship remains committed to building the university's aspirations of strengthening its reputation as a competitive provider of Global knowledge. It ensures that the local community members know how the deanship conducts its activities. It strives to be accountable in all its dealings with students, staff, faculty, and community by sharing and updating the information and making it readily available to the community.