|   December 06, 2023

Master of Science in Structural Engineering

a) Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized university.

b) To obtain a cumulative average of not less than 2.5 from 4.0.

c) Candidates, who obtained a cumulative average of less than the minimum, can be admitted provided they study the bridging courses for a period of two semesters at most, in the case of full-time and have done very well.

d) Demonstrate the proficiency in the English language obtaining the score of 530 minimum in the “(TOEFL) Exam" or taking on the Scale of (5.5 - 6) in the "(IELTS) exam ".

e) Candidates from other disciplines in engineering or Science may be required to attend additional bridging courses before starting the program.

f) Pass the interview

g) The student can enroll in the foundation program improve their efficiency in English and obtain the required score.


(I) the option of courses and Thesis:This option requires student to study 24 credit hours of courses, in addition to the Thesis of research which is 6 credits. For which the student is prepared for a period of at least one academic year from the date of registration. It Requires that the student finish all courses to graduate in and then start thesis, as required the thesis indicate a student's understanding of scientific methods, to enable the research and management.

(II) Option of courses and the comprehensive examination:This option requires the student to complete 36 semester credit hours at least, and final exam. After finishing courses required to graduate the students will have the comprehensive written and oral exam of a high level, Students are tested at the extent of their ability to take advantage of learning and knowledge acquired, as rated on the basis of their ability to harness knowledge to develop solutions to related problems.


 Admission system:

  •  It is Possible that a student scored 530 in TOEFL Exam, which does not mean that he will start the Master Degree courses,
  •   It is Possible that a student scored 530 in TOEFL Exam, he could be assigned Bridging Courses to start with and should complete the courses before Commencing the master Degree Course.
  •  For Those students who have a TOEFL score of between 400- 530, he could begin with the Bridging courses assigned along with the Remedial English Program advised according to his/her TOEFL score.

 For Those students who have a TOEFL score of less 400, he could begin with the Remedial English Program before he starts any Master Degree Program.