|   October 02, 2022

College of Arts and Sciences


 The vision of the College of Arts and Sciences is to be a center of excellence in Arts and Sciences respected nationally and internationally



 The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to provide students with the needed knowledge, skills and values through dynamic, integrative and high-quality education in Arts, Education and Sciences. CAS also serves as the Mother College by providing basic courses in science, linguistics, and education for all UoN students. In addition, CAS engages in quality research and in serving the development of the community




I.      Immediate Objectives:
  1.       Attract and retain excellent scholars and educators.
  2.       Provide academic majors and programs that attract and retain talented students.
  3.       Build strategic partnerships with reputable universities worldwide along with private and public organizations in Oman

II.       Medium Term Objectives:

  1.             Offer and maintain excellent, outcome based, and accessible programs.
  2.             Produce high quality graduates well prepared to meet needs at the national and regional levels.
  3.             Conduct and direct innovative and collaborative research scholarship, and other creative activities.
  4.             Implement quality assessment systems.

 III.  Long Term Objectives:

  1.       Establish a solid research expertise in science and the humanities.
  2.       Increase public awareness on the vital role of Science.