|   June 07, 2023

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website of the University in general and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) in specific. Our aim is to give timely feedback and services to the students and the staff on academic matters. The office of Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies (AD-UGS) is dealing, interacting and working closely with the undergraduate students from their first entry to graduation as well as an academic, administrative staff, and the parents. Academic matters are not limited to but inform the staff and the students about UoN academic policies and guidelines, coordinate with departments regarding College timetable, Implementing and ensuring examination preparations and procedures, coordinate with departments for courses and programs reviews, reviewing and approving students’ medical excused absences, Students’ grades appeals, courses substitutions, cheating and plagiarism cases, students grievances, and working closely with College and Department Academic Advising Officers on academic advising issues such as on-Probation students.

I would encourage the students to visit the office of AD-UGS for their academic matters. The office generally forwards the matters of students to their respective departments to channelize the process and give quick facilitation to students.


Dr. Syed Abdullah Gilani

Associated Dean for Undergraduate Studies (AD-UGS)

College of Arts and Science (CAS)