|   January 20, 2022

  • Department of Architecture and Interior Design

The Department of Architecture and Interior Design provides the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Architecture.
  • Bachelor of Engineering in interior design and decoration 
  • Diploma of Science in Architecture
  • Diploma in Interior Design techniques and


  • Department of Civil and the Environment Engineering

The Department of Civil and the Environment Engineering provides the following programs: 


 Bachelor in Civil Engineering 
 Bachelor in Environmental Engineering 
 Diploma in Civil Techniques 
 Diploma in Environmental Technologies


  • Department of Chemical and Petrochemical  Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering provides the following programs:

 Bachelor in Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering 
 Diploma in chemical and petrochemical technologies 

  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides the following programs:

 Bachelor in Electrical Engineering 
 Bachelor in Computer Engineering 
 Diploma in Electrical Engineering 
 Diploma in Computer Technologies