|   February 26, 2024

Dr. Mustafa Malik,

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies

At the College of Economics, Management and Information Systems (CEMIS) we are committed towards providing undergraduate academic programs that are driven by market needs and the Countryís national priorities; and are consistent with the Omanís social and cultural environment. The College presently offers undergraduate programs (Bachelor and Diploma) in various disciples including Business, Economics & Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Tourism, and information systems. These programs are regularly reviewed, benchmarked and updated to align with the changing local, regional and international job market requirements. Recently entrepreneurship, internship, and graduation project has been included in all undergraduate programs to create a culture of innovation among students through research and actual industry practice. The philosophy of managing quality of teaching and learning process in the college is driven by consistency, vigor and rigor. Studentsí academic support in the form of individual advising and follow-up is considered as a core component of student development and their achievement of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). The undergraduate programs at CEMIS, led by its specialized faculty, have established a reputation of being among the sought after programs in the country.


1.† Offer undergraduate degree programs which focus on countries developmental needs;

2. Ensure effective implementation of academic policies, regulations and guidelines;

3. Ensure effective implementation of strategic and operational plans with regard to teaching and learning;

4. Ensure periodic review of all undergraduate academic programs in accordance with the appropriate UoN and other accreditation body guidelines;

5. Ensure appropriate delivery and assessment of all undergraduate programs towards effective achievement of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and the UoN Generic Graduate Attributes (GAs);

6. Ensure effective implementation of student academic advising systems.