|   June 07, 2023

The University of Nizwa highly considers training and community service with the same degree of interest in teaching and scientific research. Training and community service are two main axes for CAS. Hence, the Assistant Dean for Training office seeks to develop link and cooperation between the college and the local community governmental and private bodies in order to place its students in practical training.

The ADT office in coordination with the Center of Career Counseling and Alumni maintains strong ties with the graduates of the College. This is reflected in an annual gathering and job fairs in which some bodies related to their specialties and the possibility of employment are invited.

Moreover, the ADT office in coordination with the Community Service Center contributes to a continuous communication with the local community. Series of programs, events and community activities are implemented by CAS staff and students. They deliver workshops and training courses in and out of campus.

Based on the principle of not focusing solely on the academic concept, the ADT office seeks to activate the principle of reciprocal participation between the college and the community institutions. It seeks to create loyal, volunteer, capable, efficient, competent, and effective participant’s youth.   Activities such as the cultural seasons, student activities are examples of such mechanisms.