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Director's Message

Dr. Abdullah Mohammed AL Shukaili
Executive Director,
Entrepreneurship Center
The Team Leader
for Oman GEM Project

Entrepreneurship is widely regarded as an engine for change and prosperity. Several studies have drawn attention to the fact that entrepreneurship is the most important aspect of economic growth in the areas of creating jobs, introducing innovation, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology, and improving the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Many Universities around the world have established facilities to facilitate their studentsí business ideas by offering various entrepreneurial academic and non-academic courses/programs, incubations to nurture student business ideas, and in many cases provide funding/seed capital to transform student business ideas into actual businesses. University is considered as a favorable environment for innovation due to its high concentration of intellectual capital and knowledge, where future entrepreneurs can arise among the students. The commercialization of the universitiesí innovation and research becomes the central strategy in the national level to drive the economic growth and development. Today, universities are playing a vigorous role to enhance and encourage the knowledge-based economies.

Believing in the importance of this role, and to actively contribute to the growth of this sector, as well as support those in charge, and drive the sector to higher levels of achievement, the University of Nizwa established the Entrepreneurship Center that aspires to be a hub of research, education and services that support this sector with sound solutions based on research results. The University of Nizwa Entrepreneurship Center (UoNEC) was established and activated in September 2019 by a decision from the Chancellor. UoNEC is one of the academic support centers at the University of Nizwa and it has four main strategies; supporting entrepreneurship education, promoting entrepreneurship research, enhancing the capacity building and building collaboration with entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Center shall also spread awareness of entrepreneurial thought and practice among youngsters and youth. In order to provide quality research in this important sector, based on globally accepted indicators, and to adopt best practices, the Center joined the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) and it is becoming the anchor for Oman GEM report. Every academic year, the UONEC supporting the College of Economics, Management and Information System to teach and train around 1000 students to prepare their business plan. The Center has established the Incubation Unit and the Entrepreneurship Consultation Clinic to promote the entrepreneurship culture and capacity building for the Universityís students. Every year, the UONEC is participated with the global in celebrating with the Global Entrepreneurship Week with many activities and workshops.

With the Universityís ardent desire to inspire, innovate and empower entrepreneurial excellence in Oman, and achievement of Oman Vision 2040, the Entrepreneurship Center will facilitate the coordination and cooperation of all entrepreneurial initiatives across the University and the entrepreneurial ecosystems locally and globally.

Entrepreneurship Center Overview


To serve as an excellence center by providing outstanding education and training for students and society, significant and relevant research, together with aspiring capacity building and building local and global collaboration in the fields of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.


To be a locally and globally recognized entrepreneurship center to promote entrepreneurship and support the transformation of knowledge to the market. The UoNEC aims to assist and support the innovative and entrepreneurial activities at the UoN campus and the society, and support the knowledge commercialization.

Entrepreneurship Center Programs


The Center will work towards contributing to enabling the University of Nizwa's vision to be a "beacon of science and guidance", by providing and designing academic programs that suits the market need and is a generation of learners who are able to innovate entrepreneurial ideas and take advantage of and transform opportunities to the market, and prepares students to be able to do work. This will be achieved through offering academic programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and community training programs.


  • Providing academic programs for entrepreneurship education for undergraduates.
  • Providing academic programs for entrepreneurship education for graduate students.
  • Providing special programs for the community.
  • Research

    The Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nizwa is working to establish a headquarters for entrepreneurship research in the Sultanate of Oman; to be the representative of the Sultanate in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor; it will also increase the number of research and publishing papers in entrepreneurship activities in the Sultanate and other countries, and encourages scientists and faculty from all over The world in conducting research in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge transfer. and that is through:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
  • Research projects
  • Conferences
  • Consultancy Services
  • Scientific Publications
  • Scientific Journals
  • Capacity Builduing

    The Entrepreneur Center at the University of Nizwa will contribute to developing the capabilities of entrepreneurship for students of the University of Nizwa, employees and the Omani community, through mentoring, training, workshops and incubator programs, through the following programs:

  • Training workshops
  • Success stories
  • Field visits
  • Exhibitions and external events
  • Incubations Unit
  • Mentorship Program (Entrepreneurship Clinic)
  • Open Sources
  • Collaboration and Engagement

    The Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nizwa will build academic cooperation with all members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its partners at the national and global levels, by exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and signing several memoranda of understanding between all partners in the context of learning, training and research.

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
  • Center partners
  • Supporters of the center

  • Facts & Figures for Academic Year 2020-2021

    Field Visit
    International Collaborations
    Funded Projects
    Research Proposals
    Faculties teaching-MNGT100
    Consultation to students
    Guest Speakers
    Workshops & Seminars
    Students Enrolled
    Beneficiaries from Center

  • Develop entrepreneurial and competitive skills of students, graduates and interested participants through education, training, seminars, workshops, mentoring and networking initiatives and other entrepreneurial activities to prepare them for the self-employment, and have the sense of entrepreneurship mindset.
  • Create strong relationships with academic institutions locally and internationally for research and consultancy activities, such as, publications and seminars, joint program development in entrepreneurship and other similar undertakings.
  • Serve as a resource and training center in order to provide entrepreneurial services to any entity interested into generating new and marketable ideas in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Serve as a gate for knowledge transfer and knowledge commercialization for UoN research and innovative idea.
  • Support the establishing and grow up of studentís visible start-up at the campus through creating incubators to nurture their business ideas.
  • Create an atmosphere of cooperation, coordination and sharing of entrepreneurship knowledge and experience between and among the faculty, staff and students.
  • Build linkages and partnerships to finance the center through creative and innovative funding sources and successfully venture into business projects with private and public sector enterprises.

  • Competencies


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    GEM Global 2019-2020
    GEM Oman 2020-2021
    GEM Global 2020-2021
    GEM global 2021-2022
    GEM Oman 2021-2022
    GEM Oman Arabic 2021-2022

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