|   June 07, 2023



To be a locally and globally recognized entrepreneurship center to promote entrepreneurship and support the transformation of knowledge to the market. The UoNEC aims to assist and support the innovative and entrepreneurial activities at the UoN campus and the society, and support the knowledge commercialization.      




To serve as an excellence center by providing outstanding education and training for students and society, significant and relevant research, together with aspiring capacity building and building local and global collaboration in the fields of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. 




The UoNEC aims to:

  1. Develop entrepreneurial and competitive skills of students, graduates and interested participants through education, training, seminars, workshops, mentoring and networking initiatives and other entrepreneurial activities to prepare them for the self-employment, and have the sense of entrepreneurship mindset. 

  2. Create strong relationships with academic institutions locally and internationally for research and consultancy activities, such as, publications and seminars, joint program development in entrepreneurship and other similar undertakings.

  3. Serve as a resource and training center in order to provide entrepreneurial services to any entity interested into generating new and marketable ideas in the field of entrepreneurship.

  4. Serve as a gate for knowledge transfer and knowledge commercialization for UoN research and innovative idea 

  5. Support the establishing and grow up of student’s visible start-up at the campus through creating incubators to nurture their business ideas.

  6. Create an atmosphere of cooperation, coordination and sharing of entrepreneurship knowledge and experience between and among the faculty, staff and students.

  7. Build linkages and partnerships to finance the center through creative and innovative funding sources and successfully venture into business projects with private and public sector enterprises.