|   June 07, 2023

The UoNEC will focus mainly on the following four areas as shown below:


  • Entrepreneurship Education 


The Center will work towards contributing to enabling the University of Nizwa's vision to be a "beacon of science and guidance", by providing and designing academic programs  that suits the market need and is a generation of learners who are able to innovate entrepreneurial ideas and take advantage of and transform opportunities to the market, and prepares students to be able to do work. This will be achieved through offering academic programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and community training programs.


1.1 Providing academic programs for entrepreneurship education for undergraduates.

1.2 Providing academic programs for entrepreneurship education for graduate students.

1.3 Providing special programs for the community.


    • Entrepreneurship Research

      The Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nizwa is working to establish a headquarters for entrepreneurship research in the Sultanate of Oman; to be the representative of the Sultanate in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor; it will also increase the number of research and publishing papers in entrepreneurship activities in the Sultanate and other countries, and encourages scientists and faculty from all over The world in conducting research in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge transfer. and that is through :
    • Entrepreneurship Capacity Building  

      The Entrepreneur Center at the University of Nizwa will contribute to developing the capabilities of entrepreneurship for students of the University of Nizwa, employees and the Omani community, through mentoring, training, workshops and incubator programs, through the following programs: -

      Training workshops
      success stories
      Field visits
      Exhibitions and external events
      Mentorship Program (Entrepreneurship Clinic)
      Open Sources

    • Entrepreneurship Collaboration and Engagement 


The Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nizwa will build academic cooperation with all members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and its partners at the national and global levels, by exchanging knowledge and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation, and signing several memoranda of understanding between all partners in the context of learning, training and research.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

Center partners

Supporters of the center