|   May 20, 2024

Unit for Regulating and Preserving Intellectual Property and Patents

Objectives of this unit:

  1.       Introducingdifferent types of intellectual property, topics and all related process, regulations and polices. Contributing to the dissemination and enhancing the applications of the intellectual property rights and the related policies and guidelines in a way that will efficiently save and protect all the processes and rights to all stakeholders.
  2.       Develop an official innovation frame work to control of intellectual property rights related to research ethics
  3.       Facilitate registration mechanisms for intellectual property rights, patents and the necessary approvals.
  4.       Introducing cooperation Treaties and WIPO Services (Global Forum for Services, Public Policy, Cooperation and Information in the Field of Intellectual Property is a United Nations Agency).
  5. Organizing the distribution of revenues resulting from technology transfer licenses between the innovator and the supporting entity