|   October 02, 2022

Most students begin their studies at the University of Nizwa with courses at the Foundation Institute (FI). Foundation courses, which include; English language, Mathematics, Computing and General Study Skills help students to meet diploma and degree program entry requirements and prepare them for success during their time at University of Nizwa.


The University of Nizwa has fourteen academic departments accountable to four Colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); the College of Economics, Management and Information Systems (CEMIS); the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA); and the College of Pharmacy and Nursing (CPN). Within the four colleges there are over 20 Diplomas offered, along with more than 30 Bachelors Degree programs, and 6 Masters programs.


Below, you can find links to the Foundation Institute and all four colleges, as well as links to the University of Nizwa Library, the University E-Learning site, and some of the academic support services available on campus.

There is also a link to the University Programme Catalogue, which contains information on all of programmes and courses offered by the University.