|   October 02, 2023


The Centre endeavours towards providing the students with skills and proficiency through student activities and by implanting in them love of labour in order to prepare and equip them for the time after their graduation. The purpose is to arm them with skills and know-how along with their academic credentials so that they can smoothly join the job market, serve their country, communicate with others and appreciate their cultures.


The Student Excellence Centre supervises cultural, technical and sports activities and events that are organized by student groups to contribute towards fulfilment of the University’s mission and actualization of its purpose. The Centre strives to hone and encourage the extracurricular student excellence activities through formally approved groups and provides technical and material support to that end.


  • Encouraging the students for acquisition of skills and self leaning through various student excellence activities.
  • Contributing to building a personality characterized with an outlook of broad horizon and a sound body – a personality capable of outshining in various fields of practical life.
  • Implanting values of valuing time, time management and time utilization in students’ personalities.
  • Creating spirit of fruitful interaction between the students, developing brotherly relationship between them, strengthening their rapport with the teaching faculty and with the university staff.
  • Cultivating a balanced personality capable of contributing, of innovating and of communicating with others.
  • Implanting respect of others’ cultures.
  • Giving the students skills of communicating with all cultures.