|   June 08, 2023


The University of Nizwa is keen to provide real world oriented academic programs in which training constitutes an important component. To fulfill this vital objective, the College of Arts and Sciences intends to offer a 3-credit internship course as a department requirement in each major. Such a course would provide students with work experience, and enhance their employment prospects after graduation. From another perspective, it would lead to the building of bridges of cooperation with industry, and supply the college with the necessary feedback from prospective employers, on the strengths and weaknesses ofour students.

Currently, all of undergraduate students of the Department of Education and Cultural Studies undergo a field training of 6 credit hours in their final year. As for other departments, the College is planning, as a first step, to introduce the internship course in 4 majors: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer science, and Statistics. In a few years time, the course will be introduced in all Bachelor programs offered by the college.

In the sections that follow, we shall elucidate the College's Training Strategic plan, and the guidelines for the internship course.


The College of Arts and Sciences will be nationally and internationally recognized for producing highly skilled and trained graduates, well aware of their professional and ethical responsibilities, and possessing excellent work experience.


To provide effective training for students, through partnerships with industry, and thereby equip students with work experience and necesary life skills.


  • Prepare the trainees and qualify them professionally
  • Liaise with the government and private sectors in the field of Sciences and Humanities
  • Operate in close cooperation with the departments and other colleges for the identification of potential training areas for the college
  • Establish a policy for undertaking training activities
  • Introduce an internship program as a compulsory course in the undergraduate programs