|   December 06, 2023


Public Services

Circulation Service:

The policy governing the lending of library materials for use by the University community is designed to allow maximum use of these materials outside the library. All members of the University community (Students, Faculty or Staff) may borrow materials from the library. Borrowing privileges are also extended to other University support staff. The self- checkout station is also employed to enable library patrons to borrow materials without any intervention from the library staff.

The faculty, staff, and students of the University of Nizwa are eligible to borrow books and other materials from the Main Library, as per the following table:

Borrower Type

Number of Items


Overdue Fine - Per Day


5 Items

40 days

200 baizes


3 Items

21 days

200 baizes


4 Items

21 days

100 baizes


5 Items

30 days

100 baizes


3 Items

21 days

200 baizes


  • All library users must present a valid University of Nizwa ID Card for issuing the books. Books issued on a valid card remain the responsibility of the individual named on that card.
  • Library books are issued for full semester to the faculty, if required.
  • Books should be returned on or before the due date mentioned on the issue slip.
  • Any borrower failing to renew or return borrowed material by the due date shall be liable to pay a fine as mentioned in the above table.
  • Lost/damaged books should be replaced by the borrower at his/her own cost within 30 days. If the user fails to replace the book within the stipulated time, the library user will be charged actual cost of the book plus RO.5.000 as a replacement charge of the book.
  • Reference Collection is meant only for use in the Main Library; however, in exceptional cases, reference material may be issued to faculty and students for only week-end use.
  • Magazines, journals, maps, and other over-size materials do not circulate. Back issues of journals can be issued to faculty and researchers for overnight or weekend use.
  • Books not requested by any other library user may be renewed one more time by presenting the books at the Circulation Desk.
  • The books can be reserved only when they are on loan. The availability of the reserved book would be informed through e-mail. The reserved material should be collected from the Circulation Desk within 24 hours after intimation.
  • Self-service photocopiers have been provided in the Main Library through the pre-paid computerized cards. The Main Library abides by national and international copyright laws in force. Photocopying from cover to cover is not allowed.
  • The Laptops may be used by the faculty and students from any point in the Main Library as the Main Library is covered under the campus wide network.


Reference & Information Services:

Reference & Information Services are provided to the library users by qualified and experienced professional staff. The library users may ask the reference librarian for:

  • Assistance in locating a particular book or material on a specific topic using the library OPAC.
  • Assist users in understanding the classification system used in the Main Library.
  • Guidance in searching information from various reference sources.
  • Internet searching.
  • Any other assistance/information that library users may need in connection with their research projects and assignments. 

Internet Service:

The Main Library provides Internet sources and services to all library users. Internet searches can be done freely by individual users or with the assistance of a Reference Librarian. Library users can print their search results or e-mail information to their accounts.

The Main Library subscribes to 6 full text electronic databases for the benefit of faculty, students, staff, and researchers, to ensure current and valid research information is available through the following internet-based resources:


2. EduSearch

3. IEEE Xplore

4. ICE

5. IET Digital Library

6. IGI Global

7. ProQuest

Audio-Visual Section: The media services section houses the library AV materials such as audiotapes, Videotapes, Slides films, CD. Efforts are underway to equip the section with materials and equipment necessary for viewing or listening to these various types of media.



Technical Services

Acquisition Section:

The acquisition section of the University is in charge of developing the library collection in support of teaching and research at the University's colleges and centers.

Periodicals Section:

The Periodicals Collection is located on the hall of periodicals of the Library. The print copies of journals, magazines and newspapers are available during regular library hours . As a rule, items in the collection do not circulate.

Cataloguing and Classification:

The section is in charge of all technical services within the library which include among other things cataloguing and classification. The Library uses the RDA and the library of Congress classification and the MARC applications.

System Section:

This section supervises the work of the Koha Library system used in the library and ensures its proper functioning. It provides also training sessions for all library patrons on the search of information through the Koha iportal.