|   January 20, 2022



“Consultancy Services” covers the provision of professional services such as knowledge, skills, expertise, experience or advice, provided by an academic or member(s) staff of University of Nizwa to a client or an external party, for a fee, voluntarily or in any other consideration at all.


University of Nizwa recognizes that consultancy is one of the vehicle through which university can play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and expertise.


The consulting services by faculty members will enhance the image of the University and strengthen the teaching and the research capabilities. The University of Nizwa encourages the faculty members to participate in consulting activities appropriate to their academic areas or professional competence.




What is CSIT :


The University of Nizwa trusts the human resources and believes in their capabilities to serve for the advancement of the community and the national economy. The university recognizes that consultancy is one of the vehicles through which the university can play an important role in the dissemination of knowledge and expertise. In fact, consultation is an essential outlet to utilize resources and expertise to implement the outcomes of the academic knowledge and research results for the benefit of the community




The University of Nizwa aspires to be a beacon (minaret) of knowledge and enlightenment as a prominent higher education institution of excellence. It is to achieve a worldwide reputation for the quality of its programs and graduates and international distinction for innovation,progress and development




The University of Nizwa is a non-profit academic institution, which is governed by its faculty. It shall promote positive thinking, preserve the nation’s Islamic and cultural heritage and identity, faith in Allah and loyalty to the country and His Majesty. Its purpose is to broadly educate students and equip them with values, knowledge and life skills needed to enrich their lives and enable them to meaningfully contribute to the progress of society. To achieve its mission, the University shall develop dynamic integrative programs which provide high quality academic training, research and intellectual development.




Steering board




Support the Mission of the University


  1. Ensure quality and performance of consultancy services
  2. Guide the academic staff of permissible activities
  3. Classify the different types of activities
  4. Provide clear procedures for attaining approval for the activities
  5. Serve the community and professions
  6. Recognize and value of consultancy services and accomplishments
  7. Encourage strong link between university and industry
  8. Encourage research and consultancy services in areas of immediate relevance to the development of the Sultanate






Technical team: