|   October 02, 2022

Consultancy services Objectives

  1.        To develop a formal system and clear procedures to facilitate and to ensure quality of consultancy services with all clients
  2.        Enhance UoN staff’s skills and knowledge and to encourage them to conduct and participate in high-quality credible consultancy services.
  3.        Utilize the UoN’s human and physical resources towards high credible consultancy services that bring opportunities and benefits to the University, the client, and the community in general.
  4.        Enhance innovation and consultancy services networking and collaborations with national and international academic Institutions and Industries.


Innovation transfer Objectives

  1.        To ignite creativity and innovation and make it as a culture in the normal daily operation on UoN to expand and nurture research culture.
  2.        Serve as a catalyst among the government, private sector, and academia that mobilize the different components of the innovation ecosystem.
  3.        Enhance innovation outcomes and commercialization through the facilitation of the technology transfer process of IP handling and patenting in UoN.
  4.        Define, manage, and coordinate the various programs and initiatives derived from the innovation and entrepreneurship strategy with different stakeholders.
  5.        Focus on generating revenue from commercialization of innovations and IP licensing
  6.        Direct consultancy services and innovation to solve national and international existing challenges