|   October 02, 2023
Dr. Naresh Kumar
Dr. Naresh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Mathematical and Physical Sciences - Computer Sciences Section
College of Arts and Sciences
  • Telephone: (+968)25446200
  • Extension: 813
  • eMail: naresh@unizwa.edu.om
  • Office Location: 11G-35
  • Time at UoN: Since 2022
  • Marital Status: ...........................

  • ========================================================ABOUTME================================================== Dr. Kumar is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (DMPS-Computer Science Section) at College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), University of Nizwa (UoN), Sultanate of Oman. Previously he served as an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Quantum University, India and College of Engineering (UTU, India). He also served as a guest faculty at Central Government University (India) and Delhi University where he taught computer science graduate and post-graduate students. He also has the experience of guiding PhD and project fellows of master and graduate studies of engineering disciplines. He received his PhD (Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence domain) degree in 2019 from Indian Institute of Technology, India. His areas of interest are computer vision and artificial intelligence. ======================================================DEPARTMENT================================================== Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (DMPS) is currently offering 12 different undergraduate and graduate programs in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Computer Science. The Computer Science Section is dedicated to build up emerging models, tools, and algorithms for making the world automated and fully sustainable. The below mentioned domains under my supervision revolves around the developing Intelligent Artificial Neural Network, Machine Learning and Data Science Algorithms for several applications in Computer Vision, video and images with multiple modalities . The societal objective our research is to hunt the talented individuals sounding enough to implement the algorithms in above mentioned domains for various real life applications. ================================================================================================================= ******************************************************RESEARCH-OPPORTUNITIES************************************************************** ================================================================================================================== I am actively looking for guiding International/National Ph.D., Graduates and Undergraduate students for the internship (On Campus/ Off Campus) in the following domains, not limited but some of them are listed as: ================================================================================================================== 1) Determining changes with spatial and temporal data in videos and images]: Action, gesture, expression and egocentric classification and detection of the objects (living being and non-living being) . Broadly: Event or Object Tracking and Detection in Complex conditions. This is nothing but at the end touches Vision to Language Problem( More specifically, elderly heath care, hearing impaired people, unrecognized activities of the infants and animals are some of the sounding examples to hunt my vision). ================================================================================================================== 2) Feature descriptors for disease diagnosis and quality improvements of all the living being in environments. ================================================================================================================== 3) Satellite Aperture Data with change detection and ranging applications. ================================================================================================================== 4) Last but not least, Smart health care environment for well being and growth of the nation. ================================================================================================================== Shoot an email naresh@unizwa.edu.om along with your recent Research Bio and research proposal you are wishing to target with me. ================================================================================================================== NOTE: As per the university guidelines, the undocumented interaction is not encouraged.

      Teaching Activities
      • Data Structure and Algorithms
      • Introduction to algorithms & Programming
      • Programming Languages
      • Design & Analysis of Algorithms
      • Fundamentals of Operating Systems
      • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
      • Advanced Digital Image Processing
      • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
      • Data Science
      • Machine Learning
      • Data Mining
      • Simulation and Modeling
      Research Activities
      - Research Interests
      • Computer Vision
      • Data Science and Multimedia Analytics
      • Machine Learning
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Natural and Biomedical Image and Video Processing
            Faculty Administrative Experience
            • 2023 - 2023: Head of Department (Acting for Summer 2023) - DMPS, CAS, University of Nizwa, Oman
              Headship :Summer- 2023
            • 2022 - Present: Program Coordinator (B.S. Computer Science ) - Computer Science, University of Nizwa
                Membership in Professional Bodies
                • 2023-Present: Springer Nature(Guest Editor): Internet of Things with Smart Trends and Intelligent Devices for Future Generation[Journal: Discover Internet of Things]
                • 2021-Present: Guest Editor, Recent Advances in Computer Science and Communications, Bentham Science Journal for Fourth Industrial Revolution Based Technology and Practices
                • 2020-Present: Editorial board member in Journal of Information Engineering and Applied Computing
                • 2017-Present: IEEE, Membership, (ID-92577805)