|   September 17, 2021

This section provides the center’s news and events with the images to broadcast and document everything for the public. Thus, to deliver the message of CCCA to the community inside the University and to the outside institutions via the Web in order to facilitate faster access and reference.

  • Oman challenge program
  • The CCCA receives House company for e- employment
  • The first Conference of the economic and educational benefits of career guidance
  • The CCCA receives "Truste-Re" company
  • The CCCA executes “how to excel job interview?” workshop
  • Task management workshop news
  • Small and medium enterprises development forum
  • Get Motivated workshop news 
  • Brand Yourself training workshop
  • The CCCA executes “write a successful CV” workshop
  • The CCCA executes “Who Am I After Graduation” workshop
  • The first forum for graduates of Fine Art education