|   August 13, 2022


The University of Nizwa, through the Vice chancellor for Graduate Studies, Research, and External Relations (VCGSRER) Office facilitates the realization of the University’s vision to be internationally recognized for excellence in research, and graduate studies. VCGSRER Office also enhances connecting to the world through establishing links for the students, staff, faculty and program with our partner institutions around the world.


In support of the stated vision and mission of the University of Nizwa to “promote Leadership through the development of research and technology in order to contribute to the advancement and progress of the Sultanate of Oman in particular, and humankind in general”, to “achieve a worldwide reputation and international distinction,” and to, “broadly educate students . . . and enable them to meaningfully contribute to the progress of society” it has been determined that the University of Nizwa through (VCGSRER) Office should enhance a culture of creativity, innovation and excellence in research and provide high quality graduate programs to serve the socio-cultural and economic development needs of community. It has actively pursued relationships with academic and research institutions both within the Sultanate of Oman and from the worldwide educational community.

The University must project itself as a focus for interaction with the surrounding environment rather than a self-contained institution. Therefore the University has established an office of External Relations which is responsible for public outreach, both national and international.


  1. Raise scientific research at the University to an international level.
  2. Promote research collaboration with national and international authorities and organizations.
  3. Facilitate relationships with different institutions , locally and nationally.
  4. Support institutional priorities, innovative research, and scholarship.