|   September 17, 2021

The University recognizes that research is central to its long-term viability and success. Faculty advancement and status at the University will reflect their success as scholars and to their ability to link their teaching and research programs. The University will strive to provide the facilities and environment to enable its faculty and students to achieve success as scholars.


To accomplish these goals the University will:

  • Emphasize the capacity of its students, faculty and scholars.
  • Emphasize basic and applied research.
  • Emphasize viable opportunities of problem solving and student and community training.
  • Emphasize interdisciplinary.
  • Consider research as an important component for growth and partnership with the society.
  • Adhere to the ethics and moral values of the society in conducting research.
  • Diversify financial resources to accomplish research objectives.


DARIS Research Centre:

In 2010 the DARIS Research Centre opened at the University of Nizwa. The 1400 m2 dedicated interdisciplinary research facility is the first of its kind within the Sultanate of Oman. There are several units that comprise the centre including dedicated mass spectrometry and electron microscopy core facilities employing state-of-the-art instrumentation. Research laboratories at the centre are used to facilitate research within the University of Nizwa and provide specialist analytical services.


Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Al Faraidi Centre:

The Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Al Faraidi Centre for Arabic Studies was created to support scientific research of Arabic literature, language, and culture. To accomplish this goal the Centre actively promotes cooperation on these topics with universities in Oman and throughout the Arab and international community. The Centre also supports the publication by authors of new Arabic language manuscripts, encourages the study and translation of Arabic heritage manuscripts, and hopes to contribute to the revitalization of the Arabic publishing industry.


University of Nizwa Chair of Oman's Medical Plant and Marine Natural Products:

The Sultanate of Oman that aims at creating an innovation culture where capacities are being built, collaboration and networking among researchers, scholars and institutions are being forged, and where innovation outcomes are transformed toward social economic growth. This five-year programme is set to further these aims by building on Omani excellence in the chemistry, pharmacognesy and pharmacology of medicinal plants and marine natural products of Oman.