|   December 06, 2023

The University of Nizwa, despite its size and age, has emerged as an effective higher education institution in a very competitive environment. Opportunities and threats for success are equally weighted and impose serious challenges for its research activities. Research faces a key challenge of sustainable growth of strengths. This key challenge has a bearing on financial resources availability and research logistical capacity, competitive advantage for external funds, intellectual strengths and quality of research evidence, and goals of research diversification and specialization. Sustainable growth of the University research strengths relies on continuing availability of resources and capacities. Future sustainable growth will be coming from human resources and logistical infrastructure. Research capacity has grown with reasonable pace in the past seven years. With modest resources, the University has emerged as one of the leading research-driven institutions in Oman.

Its non-profit status is a source of strong competitive advantage in attracting research funds that should be maintained. While the quality of faculty is the driving force of the sustainable development of the University, the reputation of the University is a strong element in attracting potential academics. This complex correlation is another core challenge for the sustainable intellectual strengths and quality research evidence at the University of Nizwa in the long term. Strong research evidence comes only from highly reputed institutions and researchers. Goals of research diversification and specialization represent another key challenge. This paradigm has sources in serving the research-teaching nexus and contributing to national economic and social development. However, maintaining the relevance of the research that is carried out remains the common drive of diversification and specialization.

To accomplish these goals the University will:

  • Emphasize the capacity of its students, faculty and scholars.
  • Emphasize basic and applied research.
  • Emphasize viable opportunities of problem solving and student and community training.
  • Emphasize interdisciplinary.
  • Consider research as an important component for growth and partnership with the society.
  • Adhere to the ethics and moral values of the society in conducting research.
  • Diversify financial resources to accomplish research objectives.
  • Overview


    To produce innovative research of international quality with strong focus on particular fields of excellence which have a significant impact on education, and the social and economic development of Oman in partnership with the professions and stakeholders.


    Strive to become an internationally recognized research hub responsive to the challenges of Oman and the region.


  • Enhancing inter-disciplinarily research, collaboration and partnerships.
  • Promoting intellectual development in various areas of science and humanities.
  • Creating highly recognized habitat of expertise and effective research ecosystem.
  • Making a recognized contribution to research capacity growth for a high quality education and society development and welfare.
  • Developing provision of high impact research for a sustainable socioeconomic development.
  • Establishing strong focal port for knowledge dissemination.

  • Objective

    Develop UoN research functions and capacity:

  • Promote graduate programs in areas important to the development of Oman.
  • Enhance research skills of faculty and students.
  • Encourage research networking and collaboration.
  • Establish a dynamic system to manage research.
  • Develop research resources.
  • Consolidate research-teaching nexus.

  • Achieve Research Excellence and Innovation:

  • Enhance excellence in diverse research areas of national interest.
  • Foster innovation and applied research.
  • Focus on originality in research outcomes such as patents and publication in ISI journals.

  • Strengthen Socio-Economic Impact and Research Culture:

  • Diffuse knowledge and promote partnership with the industry and society at large.
  • Align research with socio-economic needs relevant to Oman and the region.
  • Encourage consultancy.
  • Promote research as a springboard for socio-economic development.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a sustainable and effective research culture.

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