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Master in Biological Sciences Program 2023 New

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Strategic Vision:

Stemming out of the University of Nizwas aspirations encompassed in its strategic plan, the Graduate Studies Deanship sought to become a center of excellence in graduate education recognized nationally and internationally and to achieve international distinction for innovation, progress and development. The GSD also sought to achieve a worldwide reputation for the quality of its graduate programs and graduates.

Strategic Mission:

The Graduate Studies Deanship is committed to work collaboratively with its partners across the universitys colleges, academic departments and administrative offices to produce highly and broadly educated graduate students equipped with values, knowledge and every possible life skill needed to enrich their lives and enable them to meaningfully contribute to the progress and development of the society. Towards achieving its mission, the GSD works to administer, sustain, promote, enhance, and develop interdisciplinary and dynamic integrative graduate programs which provide high-quality academic learning, teaching and training processes, research and intellectual development.

Opereational Objectives:

1. Develop and improve graduate programs based on global trends of national and international acceptance in terms of scope, content and quality.
2. Enhance graduate framework by recruiting qualified faculty.
3. Maintain and enhance reliable and fair academic assessment system.
4. Establish an effective nexus between research and postgraduate teaching programs.
5. Enhance graduate student experience through solid infrastructure, academic support system and employability.